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Persian Music for Piano

Persian Traditional Music (Wikipedia)
The Music of Iran (Wikipedia)
Persian Musical Instruments (Wikipedia)

Common Folk Music
---------- Jan e Maryam
---------- Dele Koochooloo
---------- Ey Iran (the original anthem of Iran)
---------- Ghasam be to (or Ghasam Be Tou?)
---------- Ghoghaye Setaregan ("Stormy Stars"; party noises or sad noises)
---------- Gole Goldoone Man
---------- Gole Sangam
---------- Khabha-ye Tala'i ("Golden Dreams")
---------- Mobarak Baad (Wedding song)
---------- Sohati
---------- Soltane Ghalbha
---------- Tavalodet Mobarak (Happy Birthday)

Popular Music
---------- Majnoone Leyli
---------- Mara Bebouss (spelling?)
---------- Chera Namiraghsi (spelling?) (audio)

Anoushiravan Rohani (Wikipedia)

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