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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Born: January 27, 1756
Franz Schubert
Born: January 31, 1797
Felix Mendelssohn
Born: February 3, 1809
Frederic Chopin
Born: February 22, 1810
Georg Friedrich Handel
Born: February 23, 1685
Johann Strauss Sr.
Born: March 14, 1804
Johann Sebastian Bach
Born: March 21, 1685
Franz Joseph Haydn
Born: March 31, 1732
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Born: April 1, 1873
Johannes Brahms
Born: May 7, 1833
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Born: May 7, 1840
Richard Wagner
Born: May 22, 1813
Robert Schumann
Born: June 8, 1810
Edvard Grieg
Born: June 15, 1843
Claude Debussy
Born: August 22, 1862
Franz Liszt
Born: October 22, 1811
Ludwig van Beethoven
Born: December 16, 1770
Edward MacDowell
Born: December 18, 1860
Combined List (all composers)

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