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The Music of Henry Mancini
(The New Henry Mancini Songbook (1987))

All His Children
Anywhere The Heart Goes (Song from The Thorn Birds) (Meggie's Theme)
Ask Me No Questions (I'll Tell You No Lies)
Baby Elephant Walk
Bachelor In Paradise
Blackie's Tune
Blue Roses
Brass On Ivory
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Brothers Go To Mother's, The
Cool Shade of Blue, A
Cow Bells And Coffee Beans
Crazy World (from Victor/Victoria)
Dancing Cat, The
Darling Lili
Days Of Wine And Roses
Dear Heart
Don't You Forget It (I Love You And)
Every Christmas Eve
Experiment In Terror
A Fine Mess
Fluter's Ball
Giving (Santa's Theme)
Great Mouse Detective, The
Greatest Gift, The
Harry's Theme
How Soon
I Like The Look
I'll Give You Three Guesses
Inspector Clouseau Theme, The
In The Arms Of Love
It Had Better Be Tonight
Just You And Me Together Love
Le Jazz Hot (Victor/Victoria)
Life In A Looking Glass
Little Boys
Little Man Theme, The
Loss Of Love
Mancini Generation, The
Man's Favorite Spot
March Of The Cue Balls
Moment to Moment
Moon River
Mostly For Lovers
Mr. Lucky
Natasha's Theme
Nothing To Lose
Oklahoma Crude
Once Is Not Enough
Peter Gunn
Pink Panther, The
Powdered Wig, A
Raindrops In Rio
Remington Steele
Shot In The Dark, A
Send A Little Love My Way
Slow Hot Wind
Smile Away Each Rainy Day
Soldier In the Rain
Song About Love
Song From '10' (It's Easy To Say)
Sweetheart Tree, The
Theme For Laura
Theme From 'Hotel'
Theme From Mommie Dearest
Theme From Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Theme From The Molly Maguires
There's Enough To Go Around
Thorn Birds Theme, The
Tom's Theme
Tomorrow Is My Friend
Two For The Road
We've Loved Before (Yasmin's Theme)
What's Happening
Whistling Away The Dark
White On White
Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe
You And Me (from Victor/Victoria)
Your Good-Will Ambassador

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