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CM TRUMPET - LEVEL 2 REPERTOIRE LIST (non-jazz) (go to Level 2 Jazz listing)

CM Level 1 Solos CM Level 2 Solos CM Level 3 Solos CM Level 4 Solos CM Level 5 Solos
Repertoire Requirements, All Levels Level 2 Evaluation Requirements Level 2 Technical Requirements More Trumpet Solo Repertoire (non-jazz)

(3/3 books listed: Rubank Book of Trumpet Solos - Easy Level / The Really Easy Trumpet Book / Belwin Master Solos for Trumpet - Easy)

BOOK: Rubank Book of Trumpet Solos - Easy Level (Rubank)
Title Composer Highest Note
Albatross Cook
Allerseelen Strauss/Walters
The Dancer Endresen
Falcon Cook
Kinglet Cook
Legend Shelukov/Gower
Meadowlark Cook
Oriole Cook
Scherzo Shelukov/Gower
Starling Cook
The Victor Endresen
Waltz Chromatic Endresen
Warbler Cook

BOOK: The Really Easy Trumpet Book (Faber Music)
Title Composer Highest Note
01. Lullaby Graham Lyons
02. Journey's End Graham Lyons
03. Miles Away Graham Lyons
04. Merry-go-round Graham Lyons
05. On Parade Graham Lyons
06. Up the Wooden Hill Christopher Gunning
07. Steam Special Christopher Gunning
08. Promenade Graham Lyons
09. Pigalle Christopher Gunning
10. Aubade Graham Lyons
11. All Aboard Christopher Gunning
12. Shepherd's Delight Christopher Gunning
13. Royal Procession Christopher Gunning
14. Driftwood Christopher Gunning
15. March of the Tin Soldiers Christopher Gunning

BOOK: Belwin Master Solos for Trumpet - Easy (Alfred)
Title Composer Highest Note
Bouree Telemann
Burlesque Mozart
The Coronation Day Traditional English Folk Song
Elegy Tyndall
The Emperor Of Germany's March Clarke
The Pedlar (Russian Folk Song) Traditional
Processional Snell
Processional Daquin
Rigaudon Böhm
Rigaudon Fischer
Rio Grande Snell
Rondo Snell
Sarabande Speer
Three Chinese Folk Songs - No. 1 Song of Hoe Traditional
Three Chinese Folk Songs - No. 2 The Filial Crow Traditional
Three Chinese Folk Songs - No. 3 Ballad of the Yellow Sun Traditional

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