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(2/6 books listed: 12 Medium-Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes (Mintzer) / Intermediate Jazz Conception (Snidero))

BOOK: 12 Medium-Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes (Mintzer)
Title Composer Highest Note
First Blues Bob Mintzer
Yosemite Bob Mintzer
Groove Minor Bob Mintzer
Make The Quarter Note Feel Good Bob Mintzer
Move It Along: Slow / Fast / Forget About It Bob Mintzer
Funkify Bob Mintzer
Triplets Bob Mintzer
Chromatic Blues Bob Mintzer
Three for All Bob Mintzer
Funk It Up Bob Mintzer
Deep Pocket Bob Mintzer
Slowly Bob Mintzer

BOOK: Intermediate Jazz Conception (Snidero)
Title Composer Highest Note
Splank Street Jim Snidero
Melon Island Jim Snidero
Green Fin Jim Snidero
St. Sonny Jim Snidero
Voyage Jim Snidero
Confirmed Jim Snidero
Miles' Blues Jim Snidero
Freedom Jim Snidero
Bird's Ballad Jim Snidero
Trane's Thing Jim Snidero
You Need Not Jim Snidero
Things Jim Snidero
Days Ago Jim Snidero
Stellar Jim Snidero
Night Eyes Jim Snidero

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